Strindberg across Borders

ed. by Massimo Ciaravolo



Isbn 978-88-95868-20-2

Roma 2016   pp. 379   €30


The volume gathers 21 contributions, written in either English or Swedish, by scholars from Sweden, Italy Lithuania, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, and the United States. The collected essays testify to the manifold aspects of border crossing in August Strindberg’s work, and the wide range of approaches to this aspect: world literature and the construction of Strindberg’s authorship; translation studies; interaction with discourses focused on gender, politics and science; Strindberg’s anti-materialistic and anti-positivistic binary oppositions between outward and inward, lower and upper reality; forms of intertextuality in Strindberg’s work, or deriving from it; theatre studies and stage productions; visual interpretations of Strindberg’s work such as sketches for a stage production and comics.